Cross-country training

On Sunday 17th December, 3 members of the TREAD2India team (Scott, Andy & Alex) continued their training by entering the Uckfield Runners cross-country race. On boggy, undulating ground we completed the 5 mile course in times ranging from 40-45 minutes.

It was great to be out running as part of a team and have that support for each other. Further cross-country races in January, February and March to come. Those will add to our total miles!!

Thank you to all those supporting us. We are looking forward to the launch on Sunday 7th January!!



We will keep you updated of our progress during the year and if at any point you would like to donate please go to our BT Donate page  where we are grateful for anything you can give.

For now we are just planning our launch and the different events we may run in during the year. We hope you enjoy following our journey as we Tread2India!!

What is TREAD2India?

We are delighted to introduce this exciting sponsored event TREAD2India which will begin in January 2018.

It is approximately 4858 miles in a direct line from the old St Leonards Parish church on the seafront to headquarters of TREAD India in Bhadrachalam, South India. Starting in January, a small team of runners will run a cumulative total of that distance within a calendar year. The runners do their final run in London – exact date and destination yet to be disclosed! Sign up for this blog and you will be able to follow the runners and watch them clock up the miles!