Meet the Team!

The team of five friends comprise a crazy football club supporter (ex-manager/player Orington FC) and four others including the captain, the assistant manager, Hightower and the oldest player in the East Sussex Football League, all willing to help out!


Alex Grant – i’m the man to blame when we are all cold, wet and tired. My wife and I visited TREAD when on honeymoon in 2011. Passionate about education, it was an incredible experience for us to see the sacrifices the young people from village communities would make for an education. It was my idea to run to India (or at least the cumulative distance) over the course of a year. I am really glad that I have such good friends because it is more than a half marathon every day of the year if I was on my own!
Tom Blything – Legs so long, the rest of us will need three strides to keep up with one of his. A huge heart and the first to step forward to take on the challenge. “Yep, I’ll do that with you”………. Tom calmly walks away, probably fully aware (or maybe not….) that if no one else volunteers he will need to run more than 50 miles a week.
Scott Brunton – A ball of energy, still playing football well into his forties and fitter than the players half his age, Scott has worked in education and with families for many years and has never walked away from a challenge. Scott is also the designated driver when we go to Guernsey to run the marathon there as a team.
Andy Swindles – Captain of Orington and the organiser. Within minutes of joining the group he was looking for sponsors and organising a trip to Guernsey for us to run a marathon together. Andy puts everything into the tasks he sets his mind to and is that person who everyone wants on their team.
Stephen Chester – Assistant Manager, Orington legend and less than a year ago swore he would never do a running challenge again. It took a week of persuasion, but when he realised how serious I was about this he relented (or maybe Sandra did) and joined the team. A disciplined engine room, Chester pounds out the miles and will make this task so much easier for the rest of us.