The Challenge

  • 4858 miles! The distance from St Leonards Parish Church East Sussex (where it all began for Friends of Tread following a first visit to India 25 years ago) to the HQ of its partner charity TREAD India Trust at Shiloh in Bhadrachalam
  • The distance will be covered by the Tread2India team in a calendar year.
    From January 7th 2018 to January 6th 2019 a team of five intrepid runners will cover the cumulative distance, through wind and rain, blistering heat and blistering feet. But why?
  • Friends of Tread in partnership with TREAD India Trust supports hundreds of disadvantaged children and young people every year in some of the poorest parts of South India, offering education and a way out of poverty for the people in the communities that they serve. Following a loss of funding these people needed more than we could give, and so the idea was to run the challenge, raise the profile (and hopefully a small amount of money) to support these people and raise their aspirations and life chances. Follow our progress here and on BT Donate page