The Final 10 Weeks!

The TREAD2India Team has changed dramatically during the course of the challenge. For various reasons we have lost members of the team but we have always found willing volunteers to run for us. To date the volunteers who have run are: Alex Grant, Andy Swindles, Stephen Chester, Scott Brunton, Tom Blything, George Nicola and Nick Williams. After a long 10 months we are finally within 10 weeks of the end but we can have no complacency as the challenge is still tough. We have currently completed 3434.57 miles but still have 1423.43 miles to go which will be a mammoth task in the cold, dark and almost certainly wet evenings that we will face.
Over the year we have competed in a number of competitions, some of which are quite prestigious. We started the year with the Eastbourne Half Marathon, followed by almost all the team completing our local event, The Hastings Half Marathon. Stephen moved on to run the Paris Marathon followed by Alex completing the hottest ever London Marathon. Since then we have had participants in the Hastings Runners 5 mile memorial, the Bristol Great Run half marathon and finally the Amsterdam Marathon.

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