The Halfway Point!

The Halfway Point:

26 weeks, 1383.72 miles completed and I can honestly say that this challenge is a struggle. Starting so simply, “just 19 miles a week” Andy said, was probably naïve. Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be as hard as it has turned out. Of the 26 weeks, miles have been run by all 5 of us only 7 times. Injuries have been the single biggest cause, from IT Bands to calf tears, they have sabotaged the entire challenge. Although there are still some minor niggles we should be back to full fitness very soon.

Once you put the doom and gloom behind you there have been some amazing achievements. We have now had a number 0f 30+ mile weeks and two runners have completed more than 100 miles in a month. In addition to this we have run some incredible races this year so far:

Eastbourne Half Marathon
Hastings Half Marathon
Paris Marathon
London Marathon
Hastings Runners 5 Mile

We are looking to the future and the aim for the team is to complete at least 30 miles per person, every week. This will see us comfortably finish the task with miles to spare. I am sure that we will also be adding to the medal haul.

If you are enjoying following our progress, or feel any sympathy, please consider donating on our page


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