Two Knees, One Shin and a Ski Trip!

So after a successful launch on Sunday 7th January the TREAD2India team began to rack the miles up. Well, most of the team, anyway. Tom, after running 12 miles on the first day then left to ski for the next 10 days with the message, “can I clock my skiing distance?” “NO!!!” came the reply from the rest of us.

The first week went brilliantly with almost 100 miles covered by the team and Scott getting the record weekly mileage of 26.4 miles. Week 2, niggles were starting to creep up on us, but we were powering through them, covering over 70 miles. Week 3 arrived and disaster struck. First Andy and then I had some serious pain from our knees. Scott had issues with his shins but was able to continue, racking up 19 miles. Finally, Hightower (Tom) was still skiing and well on his way to buying the first breakfast. Only Chester was able to keep fit, running an amazing 22 miles that week. Week 4 and the team ground to a halt with only Chester reaching double figures.

Over the first month we have covered a total of 261.8 miles. A good start and we always intended to gradually increase our mileage as the year progressed. Unfortunately, at the moment we have 3 people injured and covering very few miles per week. Please pray for us and I am sure that very soon we will be on the mend and running the high mileage needed to get us back on track.

February is the month of preparation for our big races. Come March we will be taking part in the Eastbourne half marathon and our home race, the Hastings half marathon. This will shortly be followed by the marathon month where we have a runner in the Paris marathon and another runner in the London.

Please keep following our progress as we battle our rapidly ageing bodies. Don’t forget to sponsor us in support of Friend of TREAD

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